Learn to Speak

The Irish language is also referred to as Gaelic and has been historically spoken by the Irish people. An interesting fact about the language is that it is known to have the oldest vernacular literature in western Europe. Irish had a predominant place in the early part of the history. But with the growing relevance of English, the scenario was starting to change. This gradual transition to the usage of the English language was the support of Catholic Churches towards the English language. Apart from this the Anglo-British administrations also propagated the use of English over Irish. In the 1750s the spread of bilingualism also resulted in the shift. Despite the challenges, the language has continued to defy all odds and move into the 21st century. More and more people today are showing an interest in learning the language. Technology today has made it possible for people to learn the language for free on mobile apps and online.

There are applications available where one can learn the basic words and phrases. One can download these apps on compatible mobile devices like laptops and mobile phones and learn the language on the go. Another method of learning the language is to use the online dictionaries. There are many choices available online who apart from the dictionaries also have video and text links related to the language. Following these can help you learn the language along with the appropriate pronunciations. Other than the mobile apps and websites there are language institutes who offer the Irish language courses online. One can enroll in these courses and learn the language from the comfort of their homes. There are institutes that offer face to face interactions with the instructor as well. This makes learning all the easier and fun. From beginners to experts there are courses available for all. But unlike the mobile apps and online dictionaries, one has to pay for these courses. Whichever mode of learning you wish to choose to ensure that it is a credible source.