The Irish language has continued to fight all odds despite the growing popularity of English. In the 21st century, there has been a consistent growth in Irish medium education, especially in urban centres. There is a part of the population who refuse to let the language die down and are continuously fighting for its survival. Today as per the latest research Irish language has found a place amongst the 10% languages deemed safe from extinction. The language qualifies as safe from extinction and has about 30,000 native speakers from the Gaeltacht areas. Apart from them, there are about 100,000 speakers who regularly use the language.

Some Fun Facts About The Language

The name of the language is actually Gaeilge, but in English, it is called the Irish language.
There are no words like “yes” or “no” in the language. Answers to the questions are generally given in the verb form.




The word order followed in the language is Verb Subject Object. For example, if you wish to say “ I always speak Irish” it is said as “Speak I Irish always.”There are only 9% of the languages that use this type of word order.
The words designated for numbers would depend upon what you are counting. There are different words for counting humans and nonhumans.
The Irish language has only 11 irregular verbs.

Is Irish Had To Learn?

The Irish today has become a language that people love to fear. People are curious to learn the language but have developed a notion that it is a tough language. But it is a different scenario in reality. Actually Irish has certain advantages over some of the other languages that make learning easy. At least, that's what our friends say!

Our Friends

Our Friends

The alphabets used are something that you are already familiar with.


With a little bit of practice, it is easy to grasp the language as it follows the regular phonetic system.
Unlike English Irish has regular grammar rules and there are no exceptions.

Learning Irish With Us

We offer numerous resources related to learning the Irish Language for the readers. Through the informative content on our website, you learn more about the language and the writing system. There is a variety of information available from online resources to the dictionary and many more. We aim to help people learn the language and contribute towards its survival.